April 27, 2009

Teacher's Pet

You know, next time we have a choice between the "know-it-all teacher's pet" and the "dumbass jock in the back row" when it comes to president, what say we try to go the teacher's pet route?

I mean, how did we get to the point in our media where the only thing a politician gets in return for being smart and informed is mockery?

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April 25, 2009

Banana Republic?

The new wingnut talking point is that, if we investigate and prosecute the past administration, we will turn in to a banana republic.

Actually, I think there is some small merit to that point, but then you have to draw the line somewhere. If Bush had shot someone in the head and evidence came to light now, we would prosecute him, right? So with that said, I think it is worth it to get to the bottom of the torturing thing.

Of course, all these same wingnuts in the first few months of the Bush administration were arguing, no...DEMANDING, investigations and prosecutions for imagined past offenses like pardoning the wrong people, but I guess 9/11 changed everything, right? Is that the rationalization they'll use now?

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