March 27, 2009


Honda agreed to pay for about 60% of the cost of the repair, so we have a brand new transmission, and we're out about $1300. Now we just need new tires, and it'll be in good shape.

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March 22, 2009


Not much energy for blogging these days. Most of my blogging goes into the site that I get paid to write for, so this one is being neglected.

I will tell you a story that may help you if you own a Honda, however. The transmission on our 2000 Odyssey went out a couple of weeks ago. It took a while to get it diagnosed, but after a week in a nearby shop, they were convinced it needed a new transmission, so they sent it on to a specialty shop. At both places, the first thing I was told was, "Oh, a Honda, eh? We are getting a ton of those lately."

So the alarm bells went off and I started googling. I quickly discovered that Honda put poorly designed transmissions into many cars built between 1999-2004, and in the past few years, that chicken has come home to roost as they start to fail. A little piece breaks off inside and fragments, spreading little bits of metal throughout the transmission system. There was a class-action lawsuit that forced Honda to extend the warranty on all their transmissions to nearly eight years or 109,000 miles, but we're outside of that by more than a year (though inside the mileage).

But I have learned that if you have kept your Honda maintained at a dealership (or in some cases even if you haven't), you can take it to your dealer. Once they diagnose the problem and give you an estimate, you call Honda care, and negotiate with them. I've read many people claim they've gotten Honda to pay for most if not all of the repair cost. So I've made my claim, and they're supposed to respond to me on Monday or Tuesday with their decision. I'd be happy if they cover parts and I cover labor or something, because it would bring the cost down to around $800 or so.

We've now been without our van for 2 weeks, and it is killing us. At least tomorrow if Honda agrees to cover a big part of this, I can give the green light to the dealer to begin the process and then get a rental car from them while I'm waiting. We've only got liability coverage on the van, not comprehensive, so no relief there.

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March 13, 2009

Ethical Dilemma

Via Bartcop.

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March 04, 2009

Language Matters

I have to agree with Kos on this one. One of Obama's latest proposal is a modification of tax policy to raise the income tax rates on the highest bracket from 35% to 39.6%, which is back to where they were during the horrible, horrible 90's when we all suffered under Clinton's onerous eight years of peace and prosperity (and, somehow against all odds, the stock market went *up* dramatically). Meanwhile, for the other 95% of us, we will get a tax *cut*.

So it will be interesting to watch coverage of this proposal in the traditional media. Will they portray it as a tax cut or a huge, massive, record-breaking, economy-killing tax hike? Just remember as you watch the coverage just how super-duper-ultra-liberal the media is.

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