November 09, 2008


So our 14-year-old 9th grader went to the regional cross country meet over the weekend. He had a tough week of running. Apparently, the district course had a fairly steep hill that they had to run up and down, and when C*dy was running down, he was pounding his feet a little too hard and apparently messed up something in his knee. He had a fairly poor week of practice, and then at the regional meet, he had a decent time (but tailed off at the end) but also came up lame in the last hundred yards or so. Now he can barely walk, so it looks like we'll get another trip to the doctor or physical therapist over his knee.

Meanwhile, I'm almost done with the prequel two-book set by Glen Cook called "The Fortress in Shadow" and so far, so good. I still think his best work is the original Black Company trilogy, but this is still very readable. Looking forward to the Dread Empire trilogy next which is called "A Cruel Wind".

Posted by Observer at November 9, 2008 09:31 PM

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I have been doing a lot of running lately and I can sympathize with knee pain. Ugh. Good luck to him. Hopefully they'll give him some stretches and exercises to help it stay loose. My PT gave me some great stretches to prevent my below the knee swelling. :)

Posted by: Liz on November 13, 2008 10:49 AM