November 05, 2008

Wasilla Hillbillies

Of all the things we have to look forward to in the next year, I'm waiting for the inevitable campaign memoir by McCain aides who will tell us all in gory detail just how batshit crazy the Palin family was on the campaign trail. And of course, the Palins will respond with their own book about how cynical and impure the McCain people were, how the reason they didn't win was because McCain wasn't batshit crazy enough of a Republican.

I hope the base listens to Palin and nominates someone of similar ilk if not her in 2012 so Obama can easily coast to another four years. I'm worried if Mittens gets the nod, he'll convince all the rich people to shower him with money to erase the Obama tax increases, and if he has a money advantage, he can convince the Moron Americans of anything.

Posted by Observer at November 5, 2008 10:10 AM

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