November 01, 2008


It seems that some minor network is kicking off a new fantasy series based on Goodkind's "Ayn Rand with Swords" series that I mentioned previously. It premieres tonight and is called "Legend of the Seeker".

I think I'll pass. Didn't like the books *that* much, and I'm sure if the series is good, I'll hear about it, then I can catch up on DVD someday.

Posted by Observer at November 1, 2008 08:18 AM

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If you watch the commercials/previews you will discover that this series is tied to the books in the same way that _I, Robot_ with Will Smith was related to Asimov's work. No clue whether it will be good or bad but the clear statement is that they are just using the names to get a base audience and the rest might possibly (just maybe, but don't hold your breath) have something to do with the books.

Posted by: Seattle Astronomer on November 1, 2008 12:32 PM