January 18, 2007

Relative -gates

Remember Travelgate? This Kos diarist does. When the Clintons fired a bunch of mostly administrative personnel in the White House travel office, culminating an internal investigation that had begun during the previous administration, it was a HUGE scandal. "Travelgate" was fodder for not just wingnut radio but countless hours of air time on such "liberal" media outlets as CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and virtually every major newspaper in the country.

It is instructive to compare the outcry over this firing of a bunch of staffers to the current housecleaning going on among U. S. attorneys. It appears that, following a key provision inserted into a homeland security bill during conference committee without debate by Arlen Specter, the Bush administration has begun firing various U. S. attorneys for no good reason and replacing them with political loyalists who are less likely to prosecute Republicans.

So, um, where are all the headlines, liberal media? Where are all of the opinion columns with expressions of deep concern over an out-of-control executive branch? Where are the editorials? Where are all of the front-page speculative stories, keeping the subject alive? Where are all of the minute long segments and "tut tut" looks by the anchors, major networks?

I'll tell you: they're all in the same fantasy world that believers of the liberal media myth inhabit.

Posted by Observer at January 18, 2007 07:18 AM

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