November 23, 2006


I was sick as a dog yesterday, either a flu bug or food poisoning, but today is mostly better. The worst thing about being sick is not being able to regulate my body temperature. 10% of the time, I'm breaking out into sweats, 20% of the time I feel normal, and 70% of the time I simply cannot get warm. Super hot showers or baths or multiple layers of clothes, whatever, I'm still sitting around chattering my teeth, even though it is 80 degrees in the house.

I'm well enough today that I can enjoy it. Great, great food for supper, beautiful sunny day (good Nerf-throwing weather), the whole family here and nobody with somewhere they have to be by a certain time and, to top it off, a dominating Cowboys performance over Tampa Bay.

These last two games for the Cowboys have been incredible, and everyone around here is jumping on the Tony Romo bandwagon. I'm about 80% convinced that they're got it figured out now, but it's going to be next Sunday before I'm sure. This is the same team that got humiliated by the Giants in Dallas five weeks ago. They had damned well better be fired up and ready to play and beat the hell out of the injury-plagued Giants in New York.

If they can do that, they should coast to the 2nd seed in the playoffs and probably get to the NFC Championship in Chicago (which could be ugly), at least if we don't lose anyone else (like Romo) to a major injury.

Posted by Observer at November 23, 2006 06:20 PM

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