November 20, 2006

Fantasy Pony Plans

Atrios has some good points to make about war fantasies today, following up on AmericaBlog's comments:

Any time you read something that talks about what Iraqis "must" do, without following it up with, "here's how," you're getting one of the Sensible Centrist Arguments, which are, of course, part of the Magical Plans Never To Be Implemented genre. Experts in this genre are often "liberals" who advocated the war and cannot quite bring themselves to admit that it's a crippling strategic blunder, therefore feeling obligated to propose solutions that have no chance of being tried, much less actually working.

If people want to spend their time writing wankery think pieces about fantasy pony plans for Iraq they're free to do so, but they should understand that such things have one very real impact on the Iraq debate. Their implicit (and often explicit) criticism is that people who want to get out of Iraq are unserious, because if they were serious they'd sign on to the fantasy pony plan.

But the choice will never be between fantasy pony plan and getting out, the choice is between starting to get out or letting George W. Bush continue to fuck things up with HIS fantasy pony plan for Iraq. You know, the current mess. Every person who writes an op-ed with yet another fantasy pony plan for Iraq, no matter how wonderful a pony plan it is, helps to ensure that George W. Bush gets to continue fucking things up for just a little bit longer.

Unless you think that's a tremendously lovely idea, please STFU.

That's why, to me, the burden of proof is on those who insist we stay. Not those who insist we stay and implement their own favorite fantasy plan with a competent administration in charge.


The burden of proof is on those who, quite simply, are insisting that we allow the Boy King to carry on this war for another two years. That's exactly what's going to happen. The only difference between now and the last three plus years is that now, if the media won't sabotage it by complaining about how darned ANGRY Democrats are, we might have some Congressional oversight hearings.

Meanwhile, hundreds more troops and Iraqis will die. For what?

Posted by Observer at November 20, 2006 05:55 PM

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And in the grand tradition of "A pox on both your houses", we have already seen *exactly* what happens when you fail to plan and start something just knowing that it will all be better in the end... Or didn't you already make that the textbook definition of how we got into this war?

I didn't agree with giving Bush free rein to start his war because it was clear he was failing to plan. I don't give Out Now! free rein for the same damn reason. You cannot ask that the administration take steps that you yourselves are not willing to take without being the same kind of damnable hypocrite that you have amply demonstrated Bush and his cronies are. Being right at the beginning of the war does not give you carte blanche. Hell, Bush has been right before in his life, if only when he sought rehab and I wouldn't trust him to run a drug program either.

When Out Now! proponents can agree that being out entails risks and that they should be discussed, brought to light and planned for, then and only then do they have more credibility on the current policy than the Boy King (i.e. zero).

Posted by: Seattle Astronomer on November 21, 2006 08:08 AM