June 22, 2006

Secrets the Pros Won't Tell You...

...About Winning Hold 'Em Poker is the title of the one of the bunch of poker books I've read lately, this one by Lou Krieger and Sheree Bykofsky, two very accomplished professional players who aren't as glamorous as your Phil Hellmuths or Daniel Negreanus of the world. Unfortunately for me, this book was more about how to win at Limit Hold 'Em instead of No-Limit, but there was some good stuff in there.

Probably the best part for me was the reinforcement of discipline when deciding what to play from what position. I read this book before my latest (very successful) game, and I laid down a bunch of hands like A-9 unsuited and K-10 suited from early position. There wasn't a single hand that I didn't regret doing so when it went to a showdown (which at this loose table full of calling stations, was about 75% of hands).

The new stuff I saw here that isn't in many other books (or covered much better in this book) was how to approach playing poker for a living and how to play online, neither of which I'm interested in but it was good reading. Aside from that, I would say most of the poker ground covered here was done better in Phil Gordon's Little Green book. I would rather have read that again than read Krieger's book, but my brother still has it and hasn't given it back to me yet.

That's a hint, bro.

Posted by Observer at June 22, 2006 09:25 PM

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Bite me Buud...I'll read the book eventually..you've obviously memorized it..Just remember those "calling stations" aren't always in our game and exuding confidence instead of couching it a run of good luck may offend the poker gods, even if well conceived. Spend my money wisely and save enough for your next buy in..I may need it as pocket Q's f pocked K's!

Posted by: Bro on June 24, 2006 09:54 PM

Heh, that's why I recount my poker stories on my blog rather than in person. Tony made a comment near the end of the night that I had gotten a lot of good cards, and I didn't do anything to discourage that talk.

The thing is, I *did* get lucky to get a full house on the turn with my A-2 while there was a nut flush out there on the board. It isn't enough to just get good hands. You have to have people willing to bet big to defend their 2nd best hands.

Posted by: Observer on June 24, 2006 11:30 PM