June 07, 2006

Patriot Act

I tore through Glenn Greenwald's short new book, "How Would a Patriot Act?" the other day, and as expected, it was a good read. The astounding thing about Greenwald is that, unlike most bloggers (myself included), Greenwald is really good at original writing about current events. He doesn't just recycle and quote other stuff. He takes on the difficult task of writing something new (and usually really good) every day, with quality and quantity outstripping some of the best traditional newspaper columnists in the nation.

This guy definitely should be a major op-ed writer. If he's as well-spoken as he is a good writer, he should be a pundit for our side, too. Anyway, the gist of his book is essentially a breakdown of just how far the executive branch has overreached its power during the current administration. Greenwald backs up his thesis by comparing our "war" to the wars of previous administrations (which didn't require such revolutionary changes in government powers) and also to the writings of the founding fathers.

Greenwald certainly knows his way around the Federalist papers, and he has a way of explaining some of the most obscure language in plain English. Writing that sentence just made me realize where I've seen this quality of legal writing ... Supreme Court decisions. I kid you not, this guy is the real deal and worth reading, especially for those who fancy themselves libertarians.

Posted by Observer at June 7, 2006 08:44 PM

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