May 20, 2006

Crashing the Gate

The founders of Daily Kos have written a book. It's short, readable and interesting, but I didn't enjoy it all that much because I've read so much like it already on his site. That's the problem with bloggers writing books. Most of the stuff that they say in the book that is worth being said has already been said on their blog, if you keep up.

For example, just today on Kos is this interesting advice to Democratic candidates on the upcoming elections:

1. Don't run against Bush, or even the current administration. They aren't running again. They don't have any elections left.

2. And don't run on "incompetence." That gives the right an easy answer, which they're already starting to use -- "Yes, these people were incompetent. Vote for this Republican, because he is competent." And you're back where you started.

3. Here's your message:

What you are seeing is the failure of right-wing conservatism. The failures since 2000 are not Bush, or Cheney, or incompetence; they are the logical end result of their philosophy of government. When you vote for people who believe government is the problem, this is the government you get. When you vote for people who believe corporations are more important than people, this is the government you get. If you vote for these people, you will get more of the same. It is time to say, "We tried it, and we don't like it." It is time to stop voting for the right-wing Republican agenda, and start voting for progressives who believe in government of all the people, by all the people, and for all the people.

But if you don't read Kos on a daily basis, I think you would like this book. It is a kind of opinion on politics that you just don't see anywhere else, lots of stuff that goes against the conventional wisdom. And it isn't just contrarian for the hell of it. There are good reasons to believe that the conventional wisdom in the Democratic party is simply wrong right now (recent elections should tell you that), and the authors talk about why it's wrong, why it hasn't changed, why it should change, and how it has to change.

Basically, it is a political road map to how to the Democrats can regain their proper footing in the national debate, especially given the traditional corporate media environment we're facing today. If you like "inside baseball" kind of political writing, this is great.

Posted by Observer at May 20, 2006 05:23 PM

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