November 24, 2005

Gary's Gone

Dangit, Gary was really the only person left I wanted to see stick around. Danni, who was ironically Gary's biggest potential enemy early on, just sat by and basically watched Gary maneuver while she stuck by him no matter what. Lydia has just been going along to get along the whole game, doing what other people told her, and nobody gets away with that solo (it's possible if you do it like Amber with Rob). That's why she's on the outside looking in now.

I wish they had showed us early on what made Gary and Cindy so pissed off at each other. Something obviously happened, because he sent a vote her way a few weeks ago which seemed totally out of the blue, but they never had an on-camera confrontation. I'm glad at least that Jeff got Gary to talk about Judd's stupid lie regarding the immunity idol before Gary left for good.

Of the apparent final four, the only person I can really root for is Rafe, I guess. I just wish he had taken Gary, Danni and someone else with him instead of Judd and Cindy. I suspect Rafe will moan and groan next week about choosing the wrong three people to side with, but it's his own damned fault.

I love the challenges that make people knock each other out individually like breaking their pots or whatever. It always brings little feuds out into the open. This show is so damned sinister like that.

Posted by Observer at November 24, 2005 09:39 PM

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