June 21, 2005

How to Catch Feebas

4/2/2006 Update: If you are looking for a more complete step-by-step guide to catching Feebas instead of just my low-on-details story below, check out a later entry.

Politics is just so damned depressing these days, so time to avoid it again.

I've found that some of the kids' games are incredibly complicated these days, much more so than when I was younger. I remember getting started with Gary Gygax's Chainmail and on into basic role-playing stuff and that was nothing compared to the complexities of Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon. The kids still play these games, but they aren't quick enough to unlock all the potential stuff even sometimes with the help of one of these fifteen dollar strategy guides.

I remember when Yu-Gi-Oh started around here. The boys would play all the time, and I finally decided to get involved. Well, I come to find out the boys didn't even know how to play. The rules were just too complex, so they were playing it like "war". Highest attack wins the battle, that sort of thing. So I learned the rules and explained it to them and got them to play properly. It wasn't that bad, not compared to something like Illuminati: New World Order, that great Steve Jackson card game in which a single round of turns took about an hour and a half.

Pokemon has a much higher level of detail but isn't as complex rules-wise as Yu-Gi-Oh. But I'm good at details, so I started playing some of these Pokemon games. I would develop a really good set, then trade with the kids occasionally, but I never really tried that hard. This summer, though, I decided for Cody's benefit to try to really "catch 'em all". That means capture or develop 368 different Pokemon.

Most of them are straightforward. You go to a certain part of the game world (each game allows you to access different parts of the world, so to collect all the Pokemon, you really need at least three different games, maybe more) and hunt for a certain Pokemon, catch it, then evolve it (by gaining experience in battles) and/or breeding it with other Pokemon to get new kinds of Pokemon. Some Pokemon will only evolve if you find certain items.

Some Pokemon are extremely rare. We're talking you have to go all over the place and fight hundreds of battles just to have an off-chance of getting into a battle with one of these super-rares. That's where Cody comes in. When it comes to sinking hours into that game, Cody's the one, so he's captured a lot of the time-consuming ones. I'm concentrating on the difficult ones.

For example, there's Feebas. This is a Pokemon that only exists in one small part of the world, and within that section, there are about 200-250 water squares. Feebas only can exist in six of these squares, and they are randomly picked from game to game. Cody and Sarah didn't realize this. Over the years, they've wasted God knows how many hours trying to fish for this particular Pokemon, but they never had a chance really, unless they got lucky and fished in the right square (most of them aren't accessible easily).

So I looked around on the web, figured out this situation (which isn't explained well at all in any of the guidebooks) and started a search pattern. Within a couple of hours, I found it. Boy, you should've seen the jaws drop on Cody and Sarah. Now *I* am the master. Mu ha ha haaaaa! So by the end of the week, I will have caught probably about 350-360 of the 368 thanks to my own efforts and numerous trades with Cody and Sarah.

The remaining problem is that two of the Pokemon (at least) can only be captured if you wirelessly transmit certain codes into your game using the GameBoy adapter. At least, that's the only way to do it without cheating. So where can you go where you will find these codes being transmitted. Easy! Any Pokemon Center in the real world. Well, I should say either. There's one in New York City and one in Japan (and maybe one in Seattle, I forget). Great. So much for catching 'em all.

Maybe I'll have to get one of those stupid GameShark things after all.

Posted by Observer at June 21, 2005 09:09 PM

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So this is all on Gameboy, or Gamecube, or ... ?!?

Posted by: Humbaba on June 21, 2005 11:12 PM

Pokemon is exclusively a Nintendo deal. It was the tipping point that made us buy GameCube instead of PS2, that plus Animal Crossing. So there are games for the GameCube and also for GameBoy Advance and GameBoy SP (eventually for the new GameBoy DS, which is probably when we'll spring for that system for a birthday or Xmas).

Posted by: Observer on June 22, 2005 07:08 AM

If you send me a Gameboy, I'll do what needs to be done at the Nintendo Center here in NYC and ship it back to you.

Your nickel, of course, but I'd be able to turn it around in a day or two. Of course, you'd have to tell me exactly what to do, but I suspect the bizillion hours I've invested on other video games would come in handy...

Posted by: Mr. Nosuch on June 22, 2005 11:43 AM

I appreciate the offer! I may do that, but it may be easier for now to just fake it with GameShark rather than risk shipping the gameboy back and forth (which would also remove it from the house for a traumatic length of time for Cody and Sarah).

Posted by: Observer on June 22, 2005 08:26 PM

Speaking of Gameboys, I still have my 1990 Gameboy I bought for Desert Storm, and a handful of B&W games for it.


Posted by: Humbaba on June 23, 2005 12:42 AM

I don't have kids, I'm 25 and single, and since gaming consoles were bannded by my parents when I was still in school I am now using the freedom that comes with having a job to catch up what I had left out as a child.

Pokemon Emerald is my first Pokemon game although I've played ROMS on my computer before. After beating the Elite Four I'm on to catching them all. And yes i have come to the elusive Feebas. I'm still searching for him. And the desire for an easier way brought me here. I've decided to take my time but it is really driving me crazy. Grr!

I've coerced my best friend to get himself a Gameboy so that I have something to use to trades. I've already ordered a cable. I'll be getting one of those multi-carts with Pokemon Leaf Green and Silver/Gold for the rest of the other games I need to play for those other rare Pokemon, and like you have suggested am in the market for a GameShark to get those really rare Pokemon.

I understand its more complicated then just going to those places you mentioned. You need these special tickets that you can get at a Pokemon Event, the last one took place several years ago.

Posted by: Michael Josh on February 2, 2006 02:29 AM

catching feebas is easy on ruby i caught it four times in a row using a old rod no cheats. advice DO NOT SURF AND FISH GO ON A SMALL EDGE BY THE WATER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and use the old rod it works

Posted by: francis on July 10, 2006 10:19 AM

i caght two feebas' a boy and a girl and evolved them into a milotic

Posted by: so def on July 27, 2006 08:00 PM

isnt there suppose to be a comma between FISH and GO?

Posted by: scott huang on July 27, 2006 10:59 PM

i havent caught a feebas and ive been fishing for over an hour

Posted by: kyle on July 30, 2006 07:39 PM


Posted by: Paulette on August 1, 2006 06:56 PM





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Now i bet you have all seen a Feebas.Maybe your friend has it,or just online,well in pokemon games (only Hoenn)one person has a Feebas.This is how he caught his Feebas>After you enter the long route of 119 you will see big grass that you cant ride your bike in, after you cross through the grass you will see some water,surf on the water to find Fisherman Eugune by the shore,battle him, but before getting into a battle he will talk to you,like all trainers do,but this perticular Fisherman actully gives you a hint of how he caught his pokemon, he tells you he caught them while SURFING, their you have it,now you know that he caught his Feebas while surfing as well.So heed his hint, and dont stand at one spot looking for a Feebas,or before you know it it will be Christmas again!!!So now you are ready to catch the Feebas, Go all the way to the north of route 119 until you see the Weather Institute.Then go to your right to find a bridge crossing over a river,after you cross over the bridge go down until you find a little place to surf,surf all the way north(up) to find a waterfall,a nice place to start your long search of 9 hours is to start from the waterfall, now the most important thing you should know is that Feebas is on 6 of the water tiles on the whole route of 119, a water tile is a square your character is floting on,that is one tile,but ofcourse you cant see these tiles,when ever you are surfing and you stop,you stop on a tile,

The black stop you see is your character and every other square u see is a tile,but like i mentioned before you cant see these tiles .

There are about 10,000 tiles on route 119 but the annoying fish is only in 6 of them,and these 6 tiles are all random,they could be anywhere from the waterfall all the way down to Fisherman Eugune,so the thing is that you should fish on every single tile atleast 3 times,Because if you do come across a tile containg Feebas there wil be 90% of Feebas on that tile and 10% of other water pokemon , you should fish 3 times on every tile because you dont want to fish 1 time and have a Magikarp come up and u move on to the next tile even when that was the tile containg Feebas,so to always make sure you dont skip the tile containg Feebas fish 3 times,so like i said if you do happen to find a tile containg Feebas there will be nothing but Feebas on that tile Feebas after Feebas!!!So help yourself with as much Feebas as you can,but the tecnique to finding such a tile is to fish on every tile and then go one tile forward fish three times there then move one tile forward again..if you dont have anyway to move forward then start going down,my whole point to say is to fish on every tile without missing a single one, if you dont wanna miss a single tile ,do as the example shows you below.

fish on every tile like this without losing your patience and you are surely to run into a Feebas.Once you have caught this stupid fish its time to turn it into a exclusive Milotic,now i am sure you have all seen this beautiful pokemon on pokemon episodes or animes or books, remember Gymleader Juan's Milotic how powerful and elegently it used its attacks almost like if it were dancing or remember Pike Queen Lucy's Milotic how it moved with elegence, if you are one of those people that are usually modest and bossy and like to show off, then you got your self a life partner, this beautiful pokemon is just like you and i am sure you will take pleasure in traning it to lv.100,and Milotic can learn some strong moves such as Hydropump or useful moves such as Recover and it could learn Dragon type moves such as Twister,it has high H.P and will take several hits before going down,or as always you can prevent that by using Recover,better yet its one of a kind and useful ability Marvel Scale alows it to raise its defence by 1x5 when it is burned paralayzed poisned or confused,Well after saying all this and making your mouth water for this mermaid,the question that remains, is how do you get it???


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Getting Milotic requires a lot of hard work and of a lott of patience,most people think how in the earth can a rotten little pokemon like Feebas evolve into a beautiful Milotic,well if you think like that,remember the annoying Magikarp that evolves into a vicious Gyarados , well Feebas and Magikarp are sort of related in a way,because they are both ugly and both annoying,annoying,because Magikarp wont quit coming turn after turn,as for Feebas bearly showing up,well they both evolve into powerful and strong serpents,well there evolution is quite different indeed,while Magikarp evolves into a Gyarados on a extremely low level of 20,Feebas on the other hand can evolve into a Milotic even on Lv.6 if Feebas's beauty is maxed out all the way,how exactly do you do that, you may ask,have you ever heard of Poke`blocks,you make pokeblocks in the Contest Halls all you do is talk to the people standing around the square poke`block blender , and they ask you to make poke`blocks with them, the more people you have blending with you the more better pokeblocks you will get, you cant make poke`blocks unless you have a key item called Poke`block Case this key item allows you to store the Poke`blocks you've blended,there are all kinds of Poke`blocks that raise different conditions of your pokemon:For example Red pokeblock that is really Spicy raises your pokemons Cool condition usually pokemon that have the nature Naughty or Brave love this kind of pokeblocks:Yellow pokeblock that is really sour raises your pokemons Tough condition usually pokemon with the nature Bold or Relaxed love this pokeblock,However there is only one kind of Poke`block that raises your poekmons Beauty conditions,this kind of pokeblock is Blue pokeblock which is really Dry,you have to feed your Feebas Blue pokebocks to raise its beauty coindition, as you can see only pokeblocks itself can't do much it depends on the pokemons nature as well,if you have a Naughty pokemon that likes Red pokeblocks,that raise your Toughness conditions that means your pokemon wants to be Tough,however you feed it Blue pokeblocks that raise your Beauty condition so then your Naughty pokemon will have no effect on the Blue pokeblock what so ever,so my whole point is that you should get a Feebas that is effective toward Blue Pokeblocks.Now the only question that remains is what kind of berries have dry taste ,because as you may know Dry flavor berries make Blue pokeblocks,Down below are a list of berries that are Dry and can turn into Blue pokeblocks:

.Chesto Berry
.Oran Berry
.Razz Berry
.Bulk Berry
These berries have about 10 to12 feel

.Wiki Berry
.Kelpsy Berry
.Hondew Berry
.Grepa Berry
.Tamato Berry
.Cornn Berry
These berries have about 21to24 feel

.Spelon Berry
.Pamtre Berry
These berries have about 25to32 feel

.Ganlon Berry
. Apicot Berry
.Starf Berry
.Lansat Berry
These berries have about 50to 62 feel

The berries mentioned above all have somewhat dry flavor, now you may be wondering what is a feel ,feel is what makes the berries raise the amount of status, the more feel you have the better ,for example to get Feebas to evolve into a Milotic its Beauty rate has to be High 110%,if you feed your Feebas a common berry lets just say a Bulk Berry,Feebas's beauty will rise 4%thats not much and to think of you have to get it to all the way 110%that means you will have to feed your Feebas 31 berries ,you might be wondring whats so hard about that and saying ," i will do that no matter how long it takes to get a beautiful Milotic, but like always there is a problem , you can't feed your Feebas more then 10 pokeblocks,Thats right,so there is noooo way you can count on such common berries to do the work alone,below are the percentage amount of beauty the group of berries will raise:


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Remember a Feebas can only eat 10 pokeblocks after that it wont eat anymore,so you better have its beauty maxed out in 10 pokeblocks or less,if you feed it 10 pokeblocks and raise it a level to evolve,and it doesn't evolve,that means its beauty isn't maxed out to 110,and now you have no choice but to release that Feebas because it wont eat anymore pokeblocks and it won't evolve,to prevent that from happing give it high feel pokeblocks.THIS WAS JUST A WARNING!Now you are ready to get this unique mermaid,Double check that its nature is MODEST and most important of all its beauty is all the way up,raise it one more lv.and close your eyes and hold your breath......................if you hear a long beautiful moaning sound sort of like a`o`o`o`o`o`o`o`o`o`then you can let out your breath and open your eyes to be staring into beautiful oval eyes of a MILOTIC,your very own Milotic ^_^which is sure to win the Master Rank ribbion of Beauty Contest or surely have its painting hung up on the top floor of the Museum in Lilycove City.

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Posted by: Navneet on August 3, 2006 08:58 PM

where u get the legendary berries

Posted by: juan on August 5, 2006 06:04 PM

is there any easier way to catch a feebas. i have 334 pokes and i need a milotic

Posted by: Igor on August 6, 2006 10:16 AM

It sucks to find feebas..But ive heard that u can catch jirachi. If u have caught 200 pokemon (in Ruby or Sapphire) go to the rocket center that is on Mossdeep. There is a rocket that is about to lift of. So go in to the rocket and u will find jirachi..=) I Dont know its true, ive always heard that u can catch jirachi through nintendo event. I havent tried to catch 200 pokemon yet. Cause its very hard..But u have to catch feebas though, to complete 200 pokemon. And that SUCKS..

Posted by: U tell me on September 2, 2006 05:54 AM

Yo..i have caught the bloody fish, Feebas. Jiiipppiiii! Im so happy...=P Its true that u only find feebas on 6 tiles. And the smartest thing to do is to use old rod and surf and begin on the bottom where the guy with many wingulls is and work urself up. On other site it sdays that u should use super rod..But dont use it, rather use old rod cause it will spare u more time...and fish on every tile withn old rod like 4-6 times.

When uve finally have caught feebas its time to evolve it. Dont train it a higher level..have it on lvl: 21-24. Cause if u have it on higher lvl it would be deficult to evolve it, cause then u have to use super berries like pamtre...

Posted by: U tell me on September 8, 2006 02:15 PM

it took me 11 hors but i FINALLY caught Feebas! then i made it a Milotic! i named it Miracle ^-^

Posted by: someone on September 16, 2006 11:07 AM

I also have a Milotic. Its name is Melodi. Cute, huh?

Okay, well, here is how I got a Feebas (and evolved it). There are only a few tiles in which you can find Feebas, six in fact. Yes. Six.

Well, go to Dewford and change the so-called, hip, happenin', and trendy saying, to .... "I've arrived, hey there."

Ya, I know. It's stupid ^_^ BUT now, you go to the little place before you get to Fortree and find the body of water next to the little house with all the cute little birdies in it ^_^

NOW, surf and make sure you are at the far right side. Go 2 tiles before the top and then two spaces to the left, and (with a little luck) PRESTO! Feebas. You will know it's a Feebas because it looks like Swiss cheese. If it doesn't work for you, there is always a tile in that body of water that has Feebas. Just look around, it should only take a few minutes. Make sure to get your lucky rabbit feet out!! You should try each tile 2-3 times. If you see any other sites that say, 5-6 times or even more, they are wrong. In the tiles in which Feebas are located, they are common. 90% actually.

Okay, now that you have your Feebas, make sure it has a "Quiet", "Modest", "Rash", or "Mild" nature. Raise it's beauty ALL the way (and I mean ALL the way - otherwise it won't work) And, I would save the game before I start feeding it poke blocks because you might mess up. Make indigo poke blocks with Kelpsy berries and various others. They have to be DRY berries. DRY berries raise beauty; so check their tags before putting it into the berry blender. You really should - erm - NEED to go to Lilycove Master Rank Pokemon Contest Center, otherwise the poke blocks won't be strong enough. They should ATLEAST have level of 11 and a feel of 19. It is more likely to get a higher level/feel if you get higher points (the little target/circle ma-bobs) It will make it go faster, and blend smoother.

If you don't have a poke block case, then talk to the little girl at the Slateport Hyper Contest Center, and she will give you one.

After you have raised it's BEAUTY all the way, then you should raise it's level by one. This can be done by either, using a rare candy, or putting it in the DAY-CARE, or if you want to risk it hating you, than you can battle people. They aren't very strong when you first catch them; thus, when they loose they hate you even more every single time. You can also switch it out to be your second pokemon and battle 2 on 2 battle. There are a few of these throughout the game. They usually look exactly alike. They can be twins with blue hair, little girls with red bows and yellow dresses, a sister and brother swimming, a young or old couple, and more. They will ALWAYS be side by side.

After you beat the 2 foes, then, for every pokemon fainted, it will acheive a certain amount of points. Just keep doing this and then, PRESTO, it will evolve into Milotic!

PS: You can kick butt in the Beauty contests now. I have won them all at least 5 times. Even if you don't appeal well, your votes will be more than half your score. Good luck! Enjoy your Milotic!


QUESTIONS? I have answers!


Posted by: Jill on October 20, 2006 04:41 PM

Also, if you want to level up your Melotic (or any other pokemon), then put him/her in DAYCARE... THEN, go to the top entrance of the desert and there will be a mud slide thingy, make sure you are on your ACRO bike, and try to ride up. Of course, this won't work, BUT every time your bike goes up and down that slope, it counts as one step.

Here is the hard part: You have to find some way to keep that button pressed down. I have a GBSP so I fixed mine against a pillow and leaned a mug against the button. You can also tape it (I wouldn't recommend), or you can prop something heavy against it.

SO, I raised my Melotic (Melodi) up to level 95 from level 25, just by leaving it on there all night. Make sure to plug your GBSP into the AC adapter or if you have a regular GB, then make sure you have new batteries in place.

Thatís all for now!


Posted by: Jill on October 22, 2006 02:41 PM

Oh, and it doesn't matter what rod you use... Actually it's better if you use the super rod. I was using the super rod, and the first time I landed on that sqaure, it was a Feebas. And, whatever you do, do NOT start at the waterfall, it seriously will make you want to cry. Just check in that little body of water by the house with little white birds. You will eventually find it! I promise!! I would seriously take my advise.... It only took me about 5-10 minutes. There are HUNDREDS of squares. You will find him eventually if you search like that, but you would have to be seriously stupid.


Posted by: Jill on October 22, 2006 02:59 PM