March 26, 2005

Nothing's Sacred

Lewis Black usually does some very funny bits called "Back in Black" once or twice a week on "The Daily Show". At the library last week, I saw that he had put out a little comedy book called "Nothing's Sacred". It's kinda funny at first, especially if you are familiar with the comic and can read it in his voice. Most of it is sort of an autobiography of Black's first thirty years or so. There were three or four laugh-out-loud lines in the book, which is pretty short (lots of big margins, two-page chapters, etc), but not enough to make it worthwhile. I probably should've gotten the audio version.

The gold standard for comedian books, for my money, was Jerry Seinfeld's "SeinLanguage". I bought that before a flight many years ago, and the flight went by in about ten seconds. It was a very funny book, also improved if you can read it in Jerry's voice (which is easy if you've watched hundreds of "Seinfeld" episodes like me). If you haven't read it but are a "Seinfeld" fan, I'd recommend it.

Posted by Observer at March 26, 2005 06:36 AM

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