March 17, 2005

Another Loss

Look, just merge the tribes, ok? Geez, this is just so sad watching Ulong get beaten down time and time again. It's not that I can find a way to really care about any of the Ulong members. I can't imagine rooting for any of them to win, but at some point, sheer pity takes over, even for James in his dirty underwear, you know? This week, having to go through two tribal councils that took up half the show, was brutal. Talk about piling it on, Ulong had to sit there and watch Koror chow down on their beef stew reward.

At least this time Koror had to vote someone off. Willard looked happy to go. I have a bad feeling, though, that the way alliances seem to be shaping up with Koror, Tom's little group is going to be on the short end of the stick if there are a couple more votes. And Tom is by far the most likeable character, kind of like a not-so-loopy, competent version of Rupert. I don't think there's any way Tom will make it to the end because he's just perceived as too big of a threat, but I'm sure we'll see Tom again if they have another All-Stars edition.

The big surprise this time, I guess, was that each tribe had to vote someone off. Not sure why. It shortens the show from its standard number of weeks, but then they could make up for it later by having a week in which no one is voted off. Maybe they'll do that after the merge or something. I wonder if they'll just put off the merge until Ulong has to vote themselves completely out of existence (who would cast the final vote?).

I know one thing the producers are trying desperately to do with "Survivor" is make the game less predictable. The most predictable element has been that after the merge, the dominant tribe picks off the smaller tribe so that the ensuing 4-6 weeks is boring. I guess we avoid that outcome, but at the cost of seeing Ulong continue to descend into the muck.

By the way, if you miss any episodes, wait a few days, and there will always be a very entertaining summary written up at Survivor Blows.

Posted by Observer at March 17, 2005 07:12 AM

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