January 20, 2005

"So I Am Free"

"Agyar" is a pretty good introduction to Steven Brust (one of my top three favorite authors). It doesn't have all the names and places and complex backstory of the Jhereg series or any of the other Dragaera novels. It's just a simple little vampire story that takes place in a small college town, and it is definitely his best stand-alone book.

In this town, Jack Agyar lives in an old two-story house with a manual typewriter in the attic. He shares the house with an old ghost named Jim, and Agyar types out his own life story as a diary while it all happens. Saying any more than that would ruin a plot full of lots of neat surprises, especially a very powerful and emotional ending. This book is like a really great episode of "Buffy" without all the hipster teen angst crap. Anne Rice is the only other author that readily comes to mind who has written a first-person vampire story that I've read, and this is a clear cut above her work (which I liked).

Posted by Observer at January 20, 2005 07:41 PM

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