September 11, 2004

A Miss for Coupland

"Miss Wyoming" Was a Real Let-Down After "Microserfs"
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We had Cody's first soccer game of the season. His team lost a tough one, 2-1, on a last-minute breakaway goal by the other team. Cody played great, though. He's really found his niche as "sweeper", and he saved 1 or maybe 2 goals today for sure, not to mention giving us lots of opportunities by getting the ball down to the other end with some booming kicks. I'm excited for his team this season, because last year, I think the team we played today would've cleaned our clocks.

I had to catch up on a truckload of student emails today, as they are starting to catch up on their work in my class. I still have a homework to grade from another class. Painting and associated chaos around the house have made the days just scream by this week. After reading 3 books in about 5 days, it took me a whole week to crawl through the last 100 pages of Douglas Coupland's "Miss Wyoming".

Part of that is because it just isn't a good book. I wrote a very glowing review with a long, soul-searching and wonderful quote about virtual romance for "Microserfs", but ever since, everything I've tried by Coupland has just been "eh". Wyoming has its moments, its clever insights into society, its funny lines and situations, its neat characters (Vanessa, the Rand Corporation research girl, was by far the most interesting, and I would've rather seen the novel built around her and her video store boyfriend) but the whole thing feels like a disjointed, pointless mess.

The two main characters are a faded former beauty queen and her witch mother along with a screwed up Hollywood producer-type. The novel's timeline is totally out of whack (on purpose), so it can be hard to follow unless you read it quickly, within a few days. I can understand why it was written that way, and at times, it was pretty neat. At other times, it was just annoying. I can't recommend this one.

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