June 09, 2004

Ogg Man Out

Politics break! Time for pointless video game talk.

My poor Barbarian, Ogg, is awfully neglected these days. I've actually had more success with him that any of the Paladins I've built (for Diablo - Lord of Destruction) in the past. He's level 77, which is higher than any other character level I've ever gotten, but I won't get much further because of the harsh exponential slowdown in experience past level 70. He's got three nasty weapons, including a sword that does immense poison damage and has a "cannot be frozen" tag (and gives me 95% poison resistance) that is very choice. I'm usually too impatient to wait for the poison damage to work, so I pound away with a big axe and a big mace (Aldur's Rhythm), both with tons of increased attack speed and life drain (thanks to Amn and Shael runes). I think each hit steals about 40% damage for my life points, so as long as I'm not fighting undead or a super-boss, I hardly need potions. And I can kill stuff really fast, so even swarms of archers are pretty easy to dispatch.

Having no shield is easier than I thought it would be (I carry lots of charms, almost half my inventory worth, plus I have some of the natural resistance ability, so all my resistances are 75, even in hell mode). My warcries last long enough that they are effectively continous, giving me double life points (over 2000 now where my poor Paladins have never had more than 700, triple defense (over 3000) and seriously lowering monster defense and damage (by about half) in a pinch. The extra life is absolutely critical in hell. Lots of stuff deals out 500-1000 damage very quickly, especially with aura enhancements and death explosions (I call them splorches), which are an incredibly annoying method of dying. Of course, as a Barbarian, I have come to loathe the "Immune to Physical" tag that so many creatures carry around in Hell mode.

Anyway, I've got good magic find (lots of good artifacts and perfect topazes are mixed in, especially with my Holy Freeze Paladin helper, who does around 1000 damage per hit with his spire of honor lance that I found, and he's wearing a total of seven topazes), so I'm working on building a couple of sets (almost got Sigon's complete steel, and close on a few others). I can use my own characters for extra storage by starting up a copy of Diablo in both Classic and OS X mode, so that helps store runes and other neat things (I've found five super high level runes, but nothing I can use yet to make a useful rune word item that is more powerful than the other stuff I'm carrying).

The problem is that since this busy summer schedule started, I just can't find time to play. Awww, poor me. Heh. I'm just starting the third act in Hell mode after pretty much cruising through the first two, and I haven't made it this far with any other character before. I don't think I would have the patience to play a spellcaster or a ranged-attack Amaon. I like the thunk-thunk-thunk of a two-fisted attack up close.

Posted by Observer at June 9, 2004 07:00 AM

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I haven't played as much DII as one might guess for an unemployed person ... heck, I haven't actually finished it all once yet (Rookie's corpse has been at Baal's feet for months now).

Ever try a Barbarian with Throwing mastery? At low levels (all I've tried), it chews up just about everything you see. At higher levels, I have this fear that it might go through weapons too fast to be viable, but I haven't got there to know.

Posted by: Feff on June 9, 2004 01:08 PM

With a Paladin, at least, I've found several approaches that work incredibly well at lower levels (e.g. Thorns aura) but totally suck at higher levels. The way to get through high levels is to design your character for that kind of fighting to begin with. I seem to have stumbled into a recipe for success with Warcries and my Barbarian, but it helps that I'm using a lot of stuff found with my previous characters. It's all about items in this game.

Posted by: Observer on June 9, 2004 05:22 PM