April 03, 2004

A Poker Education

I finished Herbert Yardley's famous book "The Education of a Poker Player" last week, upon recommendations and references to it in several other poker books that I've read. It's a classic of the genre, written back in the 50's. Unlike current books, this book was written before the invention of Hold 'Em, so Yardley mostly talks about strategy on more basic games, like stud and draw games, including games with wild cards.

Yardley has lots of stories about his education as a helper/player in a poker room. He recounts the stories his boss tells him and mixes in strategy for various types of poker games. He replays hands from the perspective of each player much like a bridge book, talking about the thinking of each player, mistakes made, etc. He also has some funny stories about his experience prior to World War II over in China, where he was doing some spy work and playing a lot of poker. It's a pretty quick and fun read, probably hard to find in the bookstore but easy to find in the library.

Posted by Observer at April 3, 2004 10:11 AM

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