September 23, 2003

Home (Sort of) Alone

Well, it's Michelle's first official day back at work. The weekday school at the church she works for is looking after Daniel for three hours a day on MWF, then I take him home because I'm done with my classes by then. On TR (which is how they abbreviate Tuesday/Thursday around here), I don't have classes or office hours, so I stay home with Daniel and catch up on writing lectures, designing homeworks, grading, constructing exams, etc.

At least, that's the plan for this semester, and I think it will work great. So far, the day has been great. Daniel slept a lot and has been very content, so I've gotten a lot done. He did stick his foot in his own poop while I was changing him (a three-wipe diaper, yuck), but aside from that, he's been a trooper. Meanwhile, here's Cody's assignment from school that he brought home to work on:

Things I Like To Do

My two special things to do are playing video games and cards. My cherished game for Nintendo 64 is Gauntlet Legends. My favorite card game is Yo-Gi-Ho.

I play with my brother, sister, my mom and my dad. I feel very excited when I beat my dad and I feel happy while playing chess. I play them every day and every night.

They make me laugh and they are fun. My most prized thing is my Yo-Gi-Ho cards.

I'm surprised he said Gauntlet because it seems like every time they get that system out of the cabinet, it is to play Pokemon Stadium 2. When they finally get a good Pokemon game out for the GameCube, look out! Or a good Yu-Gi-Oh game for that matter. There's a dueling game out for Playstation 2 but not for GameCube yet. Bummer.

All three of the kids are getting better at dueling. Cody now beats me about once a week. If Cody would stop tinkering with the deck I helped him build, he'd be even better than that, but at only nine years old, I suppose I shouldn't be able to expect him to understand how great special summon monsters are and how crappy the whole fusion/ritual summon thing is in the game.

Justin and Sarah, about once every 2-3 weeks. It doesn't sound like much, but after I started off by losing once to the three of them combined in the first 4-5 weeks or so, it is progress. We have some new cards coming in later this week that they'll get to earn money to buy, etc., so that will freshen up the nightly duels as well. I'm really surprised and happy so far that the whole Yu-Gi-Oh nightly dueling thing is still a big hit. Makes the money ($700+ so far including Xmas gifts from last year, etc) well worth it.

Posted by Observer at September 23, 2003 02:02 PM

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Very cool! I notice he said "my dad" in his essay. That must mean it's starting to stick! :) Yay!

Posted by: Bav on September 23, 2003 03:44 PM

All three kids now call him Dad 99% of the time. =)

Posted by: Felicity on September 23, 2003 04:57 PM

Just wait till you have a lovely 11-wipe up-the-back disaster on your hands when you're out somewhere without Fel. :)

Posted by: Humbaba on September 23, 2003 06:06 PM

My big objection to Yu-Gi-Oh is more with the TV program. When was taunting and and psychological abuse made a crucial part of gaming? But that's most of what I see in that show, and it's what I see kids picking up as proper gamesmanship. Whatever happened to mutual respect? Seems like a bad attitude is the most important thing a contestant can have nowadays.

I don't play cards with Owen, but I do play chess with him. The more attitude he shows during a game, the more I make it a point to take him apart and draw out the pain before checkmating him.

Posted by: Feff on September 24, 2003 09:37 AM

By the way, Feff, you *do* understand that you are required to comment on "Seasons in Hell" that I posted a few days ago?

I agree that the TV show is a bad influence. Even the rule book says how important it is to play with mutual respect, etc. I've had to speak to the oldest, Justin, the most about this. He trash talks when he makes a good play. The other night I told him that (1) if he trash talks again during the game, I will abandon the game and (2) he shouldn't trash talk about how clever his play is at any rate until he breaks his 25 match losing streak.

Sarah is the opposite. She doesn't trash-talk, but when she loses, she throws varying levels of temper tantrums. It is good that slowly but surely she is learning how to lose graciously. She still has a ways to go. Cody is probably the best sport of the three of them (for now).

Of course, when Cody and Justin battle each other, there is trash-talking all over the place. But if they do that in my presence, I will end the duel pre-emptively and tell them they are breaking the rules.

Posted by: Observer on September 24, 2003 09:46 AM