September 01, 2003

Decisiveness Is All

I just finished reading "You Back the Attack, We'll Bomb Who We Want" by Micah Ian Wright. It is a book with about 50 redone war propaganda posters, updated to modern times, along with commentary on each subject covered. A very quick read, and it has an associated website that I've mentioned before. Here's an excerpt from the forward (by Kurt Vonnegut):

Psychopathic Personalities (PP's) is a medical term for smart, personable people who have no conscience. PP's are fully aware of how much suffering their actions will inflict on others, but they do not care. They cannot care.

An American PP at the head of a corporation, for example, could enrich himself by ruining his employees and investors, and still feel as pure as the driven snow. A PP, should he somehow attain a post near the top of our federal government, might feel that taking the country into an endless war, with casualties in the millions, was simply something decisive to do today. And so to bed.

With a PP, decisiveness is all.

This poster is my favorite. Thanks, corporate news!

Posted by Observer at September 1, 2003 09:38 AM

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