July 29, 2003

Random Little News

Here in the real world, Daniel is continuing to progress nicely as one fine little baby. His circumcision ring fell off last night, much to everyone's relief. His last couple of nights have been more restless than usual, and my sweetie has borne the brunt of the sleeplessness.

Two of the other kids, 9-year-old Cody and 11-year-old Sarah, are going to their first appointment with the new pediatrician today. We switched all three kids to a younger doctor once Daniel was born because their original pediatrician is good but getting close to retirement. 14-year-old Justin went to his first appointment last week, and all is well there. I think Sarah and Cody will check out fine, too, though we may have to check on some bladder/bowel control issues with Cody. Not sure if that is psychological or physical, but probably a bit of both.

I notice Sarah developing as only a nervous (step)father can. I only hope her mental development and maturity starts to catch up to that. I told Michelle that if I don't trust Sarah's first boyfriend, I'll make sure that their first date is to some comedy movie. I figure her wheels-off laughing and screaming will scare away any potential "suitors". If that doesn't work, I'll be waiting on the porch when they get home (or better yet, in the car as chaperone) with a shotgun.

Michelle's mom, Elayne, and her friend Wayne left us this morning to drive all the way back to Canada. I was really sorry to see them go, as their company as just wonderful. Elayne was a huge help around the house, and even though we had a grand total of 10 living creatures (4 adults, 3 kids, 1 baby, 2 pugs) in the house for most of the last five days, it really didn't seem at all crowded.

In between everything, I've snuck in some hours playing Diablo II v1.10. I just love my Paladin's Thorns aura, but I guess I've maxed that out so I will now have to invest some skill points into Blessed Hammer, which I've never tried before.

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I, too, wonder how I will deal with the maturation process of my daughter (it probably won't be gracefully). I admit she's only 6, but any day now I expect I'll wake up and she'll be 15 and making something (I hope no more than time) with some 17-year-old troglodyte whose testosterone content outweighs his cerebrum and who possesses even less redeeming social value than the current White House staff.

There was that infamous quote from the Texas State House: "I have more shotguns than I need, but not as many as I want."

Of course, I don't want just a shotgun. I want that .50 caliber sniper rifle that the Special Forces guys in Afghanistan were using to drop people multiple kilometers away, and the expertise to use it.

Either that, or the tub of liquid nitrogen and a chipper that I've mentioned before.

Posted by: Feff on July 29, 2003 05:08 PM

I'm in the market for a nice foot-pedal powered old-style grinding stone, and an axe. That plus a freshly-dug grave-sized hole in the backyard ought to be a good way of meeting new boyfriends...

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