July 27, 2003

Counting Our Blessings

Eleven days into the new baby experience, and I'm happy to say that we still have a terrific little kid. We've been out to eat with company three times in the last three days, and he slept right through them all. He's eating a *lot* (4 oz at a time, about every 3-4 hours on average) and holding it down (except for last night, he ate a bit too much and threw up, but we got him right back on his rhythm pretty quick).

I was helping Michelle change him last night, and she said, "Hand me an undershirt." I opened up the drawer full of newborn baby clothes, and just stared at it for about five seconds.

"It all looks the same to me," I said. Everything is pastel colors with a variety of buttons in different places, some with booties, some long, some short, etc. So I still have a lot to learn about dressing the baby. I am slowly assuming responsibility for all baby input, meaning formula. I wash and sterilize the bottles and the water, mix the formula, fill the bottles, clean up.

Michelle is still in charge of output, but I'll be learning that better real soon. I also am figuring out how to do baby's laundry correctly. I know when Michelle's mom finally does leave, we're going to be a lot busier keeping up with baby and the housework. It's a very rewarding kind of busy, though. We're very lucky.

Posted by Observer at July 27, 2003 02:10 PM

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Input and output, now that made me laugh!

He "outputted" all over my hand last night while in the middle of a changing! I can't wait to see him surprise Doug one of these days!

Posted by: Felicity on July 27, 2003 02:15 PM