July 07, 2003

Goblet of Fun

I'm finished with the 4th book in the Harry Potter series ("Goblet of Fire"), and I'm happy to say it is very good. It continues the trend of the other three books, which get darker as the series goes on. The ending was particularly surprising and unlike previous books, there's no way to wrap a pretty bow around it (nor did Rowling try to). It's hard to say which of the four is the best. They're all fun books, and it is easy to read through them quickly. Time to dive into the latest book when I have time.

Today starts the busiest two weeks of the year for me, with summer classes and helping to host a workshop for visiting science teachers. My mom came down to visit for the first time in over a month yesterday, and I had to be on campus to help set things up! Argh. At least she got to spend some quality time with my sweetie and her mom.

Posted by Observer at July 7, 2003 07:32 AM

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I'm interested to see what you think of Book 5. I've tried to keep my fingers shut on them since I knew you hadn't read the rest yet. :)

Posted by: Bav on July 7, 2003 01:35 PM

I just finished book five. I haven't told him anything about it at all, but I did mention it left me a bit disappointed. I guess when he's done reading it, we can type away on it =).

Posted by: Felicity on July 7, 2003 02:19 PM