July 04, 2003

Halfway Home

Work-sensitive enough that I decided to delete it. Sorry.

The only problem is that my sweetie's due date is any day now, and I'm sure it'll be a lot of chaos when it does happen. Fortunately, the guy I'm working with on the workshops just had a new baby last year, so I know he'll be sympathetic. And the few faculty who are still here over the summer have promised to cover for me in a pinch, so I should be all set. In theory.

Poor Cody (9 year old) got his two front teeth chipped off two days ago playing in his room (just when you think they are safe from trouble!). One is worse than the other, with about half the tooth gone. So I got to spend a few hours with him at the dentist yesterday. I was surprised they had an opening. They put a filling on there and basically built it up like you would some kind of plaster. The color matched, and his teeth look good as new. We'll see how long those fillings last. No more apples or corn on the cob for Cody.

The dentist said if the fillings are a lot of trouble, he may have to do crowns (which isn't a good idea until all of the teeth are fully in when he's a teenager). And if either front tooth ends up dying, he'll need a root canal on that tooth and a crown regardless. We have a decent dental plan, but yuck. I hate to put the poor kid through that. Just the needles in the mouth for getting his teeth done had him in tears. He was very brave, so I let him out of his evening assignment yesterday so he could play on the GameCube when he got home.

Posted by Observer at July 4, 2003 07:29 AM

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Yes dear, but tell them they offered him GAS, but you weren't sure about it, so he suffered without it. Gah!

Posted by: Felicity on July 4, 2003 11:09 AM

Well, I had a root canal without gas (and I can understand reservations about it, but when I had my wisdom teeth out it was beautiful) or needles. In fact, I didn't think they still used them until a couple years ago when my folks said their dentist is great at doing it no-pain.

Hey, how is 2 hr. periods on a professor?

Posted by: Polerand on July 5, 2003 03:36 AM

I can't believe dentists here are still using gas, especially on children.

The 5 year old daughter of an aquaintance in Germany died because of it (that was about 20 years ago, when gas was still used there too).

Posted by: Conny on July 5, 2003 06:56 AM

Well, I honestly didn't know at the time whether Cody had been gassed before. I had no idea whether he could handle it, and I wanted to play it safe. I had a lot of fillings when I was a kid, and never any gas. I really don't recall any serious discomfort (I think it was worse for Cody because they had to put the needle in near his front teeth, and that's a sensitive area). The only time I've ever been put under in my life was for wisdom teeth removal when I was a teenager.

Posted by: Observer on July 5, 2003 07:48 AM

It was probably N2O. I'm not a big fan of anesthesia, having given ketamine to rats in my college days (with wildly variable results), but laughing gas at the dentist is more of a distraction than a medication.

Posted by: Shamhat on July 5, 2003 03:34 PM

FWIW, my brother had his two front teeth broken off in a bike accident when he was 10 (he also got a compound fracture of his arm, which accounts for him being in Frankfurt US Army Hospital when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon). He had big honker caps put on (by an Army dentist!), so he had metal teeth for years. They didn't die, and they slowly grew out. I'd have to ask him when he had the caps taken off, but he's got normal teeth now. So, hope those teeth don't die...

Posted by: Feff on July 7, 2003 10:39 AM

Three of my five brothers broke the exact same front tooth (forget whether left or right, it wasn't me) in half as kids. Oldest brother Johnny broke his lying on his back in the schoolyard at recess in 6th grade, looking at clouds, caught a baseball in the face. D'oh! Younger brothers both lost 'em in biking falls.

I have never been under general anesthesia for anything, but once as a kid was gassed with nitrous for a filling. I remember wearing the mask, giggling, thinking "Oh shit, THIS is what being high is. No fucking wonder people do drugs!" (Mind you, this is after years of being told simply that if you do pot once you will die, the drug training of the 70s and early 80s.)

Posted by: Humbaba on July 9, 2003 12:41 AM

I just had 2 wisdom teeth removed last friday (right side upper and lower). The oral surgeon and nurse came in from the hospital to take them out.. the bottom one needed cutting. It took 6 injections... absaloutly barbarical. I didnt have gas or anything just injections and had the wonderful expereince of listening to them crack and feel/ see hte dentist doing everything. After the 4th injection i could not swallow because he injected it so far back and i thought my throat was swelling up. I Paniced and was shaking like a nervous wreck. When i got up at the end of it i passed out. The whole expereince was a nightmare.
I have to go back next week for the other side removed and he has agreed to put me under with gas. It must still be used here because thats what Im having. I remmeber having it when i as a kid and fighting it like mad... but to be honest anything has to be better than what i went through last week. SO ill give it a try.

Posted by: on August 30, 2003 03:31 PM