March 04, 2003

A Good Walk Spoiled

I just finished John Feinstein's "A Good Walk Spoiled", a sugary summary of the pro golf tour in the few years before Tiger Woods came along. This topic is interesting to me for nostalgic reasons more than anything. I used to sit with my dad and watch golf all day Sunday when I was a kid, so I know all the names from the recent past: Nicklaus, Watson, Faldo, Price, Norman, etc.

Feinstein really treats his subjects with kid gloves, except for John Daly. After a while, I got so tired of reading all the ass-kissing that I was skimming the last few chapters. It's really hard to sympathize with the struggles of someone who is making $200k per year and whose day is ruined by someone coughing in his backswing. Oh well, I still enjoy remembering Jack's final Masters win, which I watched during a lazy Sunday afternoon working at my stepdad's gas station when I was in high school. And I also fondly remember the US comeback in the Ryder Cup from about three years ago. Beyond that, golf isn't on my radar these days.

I decided to link to it through Amazon instead of Barnes and Noble. We did some book shopping here last night, and I hadn't compared the two sites in quite a while. Wow, Amazon prices are almost always significantly lower than the BN website. For "Good Walk", the difference is $14.20 (with a special card discount at BN) vs the standard $10.47 at Amazon. How can Amazon be so much lower? Why haven't they gone under yet?

Posted by Observer at March 4, 2003 08:08 AM

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Amazon also deals in black market organs.

Posted by: Polerand on March 4, 2003 10:48 AM

oh goodie, I should write that down...shudder.


Posted by: Felicity on March 4, 2003 04:06 PM